The Wheel Of Possibility

Speech given at the North Hollywood Convention

by Maryann Miller

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the Board of Directors and members of the Institute for Global Transformation, our Roundtable presenters and I, welcome each of you to this extraordinary gathering. The frequencies of consciousness are sounding a new note. Individuals and organizations are being called upon to set new patterns, patterns of relationship, cooperation and group endeavor. Together, we can create and demonstrate how a cooperative spirit can produce extraordinary results. Gandhi said that “A small group of determined spirits, fired by unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.” Our Roundtable team is such a body of determined spirits.

Humanity today is on the verge of an awakening in consciousness, and we are beginning to see transformations take place in all areas of life; in business, in education, in the arts and sciences, in the healing arts, and most importantly in our individual philosophies of life. Our Roundtable and conference are designed to be a focal point to help shape the future of consciousness, and in so doing, create wonderfully new possibilities to awaken humanity’s recognition of our oneness, and to align and act in conscious cooperation with one another and to unite behind a single cause in order to create a service project that will reach world-wide with one message.

Together we can leverage our connectedness and cooperate to discover solutions to core challenges that face humanity, and to respond to opportunities that are presenting themselves to us at this pivotal time in history. The barriers are dropping and this group of visionary leaders has gathered to give form to a service project for humanity.

While still maintaining their own individual teachings and traditions, or community service interests, these pioneers have chosen to stand together, to create a project that transcends the limits of any one individual or organization; a project designed to further the Future of Consciousness. You, ladies and gentlemen, have been invited to become a part of this dialogue and together with your ideas, inspiration, and insights, we will move forward in our support for the emerging culture of global cooperation and transformation.

The Roundtable Represents A Wheel Of Possibility

Our Roundtable, among other things, represents a wheel of possibility through which the different aspects of consciousness come together to successfully create interconnecting webs and systems of organic growth. We began with 10 separate individuals and organizations, but our Roundtable has grown into a circle of friendship, trust, and collaboration that aligned our hearts and our minds, resulting in a synthesis of purpose and actions. Through many long hours of dialogue at our Roundtable, these visionary leaders labored to design a project that would inform and enlighten its constituents with opportunities and advantages of moving toward higher consciousness from an individual, as well as a group perspective.

This weekend, in shared dialogue with each of YOU, we will explore consciousness and how an awakening of our collective consciousness will create an emerging culture of inclusiveness and aligned actions that will lead to a spiritual awakening.

What benefits do transformations in consciousness hold
for us personally and the world in general?

I’d like to take you through a short little exercise designed to view this vast subject in a more personal way; you don’t need a pencil or paper, you can just review your answers in your mind.

  1. Name the last three people to have won a Pulitzer Prize?
  2. Name the last three Oscar winners for best actor and actress?

How did you do? Did you easily remember these individuals?

The point is, most of us don’t remember the headliners of yesterday. These individuals are not second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies, and awards tarnish, and the famous are sometimes forgotten.

I’d like to take you through another little exercise and let’s see how you do on this one:

  1. Name three people who supported you during difficult times in your life.
  2. Name three people in your life who, because of their standards or support, helped you succeed in your personal life, in your avocation, or in your vocation.

Did you remember these individuals more easily?

One of the lessons we can take from these little quizzes is that the people who make a difference in our life are not necessarily the ones with the most trophies or the most awards. The individuals that we remember most, are those who helped us create transformations within our consciousness, and because of those transformations, we began to discover, create, and utilize higher levels of consciousness with a sense of wisdom and purpose. Life lived at higher frequencies of consciousness becomes a series of synchronicities, with one transformation producing another, and then another. Transformations are cumulative, producing core changes within us and eventually, within society and humanity as a whole.

The Institute for Global Transformation seeks to encourage and support these transformations through the creative genius of our members, who operate as diverse, yet synergistic facets of the whole. We seek to build bridges between the old and new, the east and west, science and religion, and together cross over those bridges into the infinite possibilities that await a united humanity. Ours is a wide ranging vision and one that will not happen overnight. It will require great effort on our part, in partnership with individuals like each of you.

Self observation and inner change are key aspects of the transformation process. Change and transformation must begin within ourselves before they can be demonstrated outside of ourselves. The world in which we live is composed of our collective consciousness. Each time our individual consciousness is transformed it produces a ripple effect that interacts with all other consciousness.

Our Consciousness Is Like A Pool Of Water

Imagine for a moment, a large pool of water. Each transformative experience is like a pebble dropped into the pool, producing ripples that move out from their center. Now imagine thousands of pebbles, producing millions of ripples. As each of the ripples encounter and interact with each of the other ripples produced by all of the other pebbles, the entire pool of water and all of the other ripples are affected, changed, causing a collective transformative experience.

When we act in conscious cooperation with our Higher or Inner Selves, and consciously align with one another with a focused purpose, our collective consciousness becomes like that pool of water; as the ripples of our individual consciousness meet and merge with one another, we effectively become connected with everyone else and all other information that is associated with our focus of attention, resulting in a powerful experience of synchronicity and synergy. Ultimately, a continuous exchange of higher levels of knowledge and wisdom is established, giving rise to fundamental core changes in consciousness.

Humanity is on the threshold of a spiritual awakening characterized by collaborative thinking, expansion of love and inclusiveness, and the ability to consciously embrace group endeavor. As more and more of humanity builds conscious connections with their Higher/Inner Selves, a critical mass will be achieved and a global transformation will occur, elevating the consciousness of all humanity. It is to this end that the Institute for Global Transformation is dedicated.

Consciousness is at the center of humanity’s life and as such,
it is a doorway between two worlds, the physical and the spiritual.

Transformations in consciousness take place all of the time. Some are small, while others are life changing. The more focused and conscious we become, the better able we are to generate additional transformations, and the more powerful become our aligned actions. So let us take our time to study together this weekend to unite as one focused consciousness, aligning our actions and our purpose, to discover the infinite possibilities that await us. Each of us, who see the possibility of building a better world through cooperation, collaboration, innovative thinking, and transformation, know that our efforts are critically important.

The Institute for Global Transformation was formed by many innovative thinkers, to effect both individual and global transformations. Our determination, creativity, alignment, integration and synthesis has manifested an Institute through which individuals can work with others of like mind, to accomplish evolutionary shifts in consciousness. Today, you will learn of the service work of each of our Roundtable Presenters and how they devote their lives and energies to this work in order to assist humanity in building a better world; a world in which each of us is valued for our unique contributions toward social change and the development of the body, mind, and spirit.

Tomorrow our Roundtable presenters will focus on consciousness from many different aspects and tomorrow we invite each of you to become part of that dialogue. We will also discuss:

  • What you understand One World, Aligned Actions, and Infinite Possibilities to mean.
  • How we can support and strengthen the consciousness evolution that is taking a place on the planet today.
  • How the Roundtable’s collaborative service project will provide the groundwork for the exchange of ideas that will ultimately power the vehicle we’ll use to help shape and inform this emerging consciousness.

Ladies and gentlemen, together, we can build a global culture of respect for the uniqueness of each human being and arouse from its deep sleep, a re-awakening of the human spirit. Ralph Waldo Emerson told us to “not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Together, we can forge such a trail and together we shall transform ourselves, and in so doing, ultimately we will transform the world!

It has been said that individuals who seek to serve humanity are characterized by their exceptional willingness to assume responsibility and cooperate with others to accomplish goals that are far greater than themselves, all without the need for personal recognition. The future is filled with infinite possibilities. The time is now to create a legacy for future generations. Let us become a valuable part of the solutions by forging a path together. With your help, we will make a difference.

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