Distant Service


By Kristie Knutson

In hopes it might be helpful, I’d like to share these thoughts regarding absent or distant service and assistance. As we know both metaphysics and quantum physics have revealed that the mind is non- local in space and time. In other words, mind is not localized or confined in the body but is everywhere equally present. Therefore the mind is capable of affecting, not only our own body but other distant bodies. Further, the effects caused by mind do not diminish with distance; thoughts are as effective from the other side of the globe as they are at a bedside.

One of the most common beliefs about service meditations or prayer is that it is always sent to someone in need. I’m here, and the need is there. So meditation/prayer must have to travel the intervening distance and get through to the needy person. However, many studies definitively show that in absent or distant healing nothing is sent, nor is conventional energy of any kind involved; indeed, the healing may not go anywhere at all. Therefore, if meditation/prayer doesn’t go anywhere then it may simultaneously be present everywhere enveloping both sender and receiver all at once.

These studies have also highlighted the significance between directed and non-directed meditation and prayer. Practioners of directed meditation/prayer have a specific goal, image or outcome in mind. They are directing the system attempting to steer it in a precise direction. They may be meditating/praying for the cancer to be cured, the heart attack to resolve itself or the pain to go away.

Non directed meditation/prayer, in contrast, is an open ended approach in which no specific outcome is held in mind. In non-directed meditation/prayer, practioners do not attempt to tell the universe what to do or how to accomplish the goal but rather directs the desire or intention for harmony, healing, balance, insight, hope, tranquility, love, or peace generally toward their target all the while knowing that the souls of those in need know how best to use this energy. In study after study, this non directed meditation/prayer has proven to be more powerful and effective than directed meditation/prayer.