Transformation Course

Transformation, Unlock The Mystery And Power Of Your Mind

You are the “master of your fate and the captain of your soul” and if you have endeavored to master the information contained within The Secret but have not achieved the success you wanted, this class will explain why and acquaint you with techniques designed to help you achieve the success and happiness you envision for your life.

Are you your best self? Are you living the life you envision?

Transformation, Unlock the Mystery and Power Of Your MindThis course offers comprehensive advice, techniques, and practical exercises for attaining higher states of consciousness. The laws that govern the universe also govern your everyday life. Once you discover their inner workings, you can use them to dramatically change your life, become your best self, discover your life’s purpose, and reach your full potential.

This e-course addresses four central themes:

  • The deepening of your conscious connection with your inner/higher self
  • The development of your intuitive skills and your ability to tune-in, in order to provide helpful insights to all areas of your life.
  • The deepening of your conscious connection with your mission/purpose in life.
  • Through experiential exercises, you will gain first-hand knowledge of the Natural Laws of the Universe and how you can use them to achieve the life you envision.

This is a 3 month course that includes text, diagrams, exercises and techniques, along with e-question and answer support. Class fee is $69. IFGT Members receive a 10% discount. Just indicate that you are a member on the Contact Form below.

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