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Dr. Goswami and Maryann MillerDr. Amit Goswami, Theoretical Quantum Physicist

Love – Death – Life… Internationally acclaimed Theoretical Quantum Physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami shares how he and quantum physics answer these age-old questions.


Michael Mason & Richard BarrettDr. Michael Mason’s interview with Richard Barrett on Psychology Of Human Well Being.

Dr. Barrett is responsible for developing the theory of the Universal, Seven Levels or Stages of Evolution and creating assessment instruments, which is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and models of higher consciousness that map the values of individuals, organizations, communities and, nations.


Dr Hassan Rashidi and Maryann MillerDr Hassan Rashidi discusses how to improve our lives through engineering solutions and technological innovations.

Dr. Rashidi feels strongly that there is a need to inspire researchers and specialists to direct their expertise to develop creative solutions and innovative ideas to have a positive impact on improving the quality of life and creating a sustainable world.



Dr LJ Rose Dr. LindaJoy Rose discusses:  How to Get Started with Your Online Course

Dr. Rose is an international speaker and trainer. She started her own Natural Wellness Academy in 2013, an online certification program that trains coaches and therapists worldwide. In 2015 she started helping Speakers and Entrepreneurs leverage their expertise by creating online courses and platforms that re-purpose all of your materials into a wonderful passive income. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The benefits of having your own online courses or platform?
  • How to Identify your expertise and niche.
  • Determine the type(s) of courses you can offer, your target market and which one would be the best to launch first.
  • Create a Course Outline by defining Learning Objectives.